Hello World! Pt. 2

Smarter Smart Contracts

In Hello World!, we went from not being able to write a single line of Solidity to creating a fully-functioning smart contract. We even got to see some of the data structures that Solidity provides for us. Even with this in mind, however, below are some questions that expose our gaps in knowledge regarding writing smart contracts in Solidity:

  • How do we write logic that isn't sequential?

  • How do we allow only certain actors to interact with our contracts?

  • Where the strings at?

  • How can we avoid repeating code in our contracts?

In this section, we will work on answering these questions and many more. At the end, you will have learned most of the Solidity syntax; furthermore, many of the popular smart contracts that might have seem confusing to you at first will finally begin to make sense (or at least partially).

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